Getting a trademark in the UK is now even cheaper! £299!

A 10 year trademark registration in the UK is now even cheaper thanks to the support we’ve received from the business community.

Our trademark registration process has enabled our UK application price to drop to £299 for the entire month of December (includes all government fees and charges).  That’s amazing value, especially important in the current economic environment.

When comparing trademark registration services, please ensure that you compare the total fee – that is, including the government application fee.  Many providers, in an effort to appear cheaper, quote only their service fee, not the total fee.  You might actually end up paying double their headline price.  We don’t believe in that sort of smoke and mirrors – you need to know what it will cost in total.  We only quote total prices, including government fees.

(But if you do need to compare, our service fee is £129 during December.)

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