Remarqueble reworks IP notification for the mobile generation

Melbourne, Australia, 8 July 2011 – Remarqueble, a leading innovator in online intellectual property, today announced a new cutting-edge integrated intellectual property rights marking system, specifically designed for the mobile generation.

Most people are accustomed to seeing some form of intellectual property rights notification on products they purchase – whether it’s a “TM”, “(R)”, “patent pending” or “patented”. Practical issues, such as space requirements, often prevent companies from detailing the full extent of their IP rights. In many jurisdictions, failure to mark a product with the relevant IP rights can have significant consequences, both for enforcement and for the company directly.

Remarqueble has solved this issue by creating images which, when scanned by a mobile phone, display the full details of a company’s intellectual property portfolio.

“Managing the marking process is time consuming and logistically difficult. We’re augmenting traditional practices to provide richer information, updated in real time. The end result is better information, delivered in a way that’s quick, convenient and relevant for the business world”

The service uses industry standard “QR Codes”, which are similar to bar codes but can carry more information. Most current generation smart phones have QR Code scanner functionality, the trend being to build this functionality into phones camera directly. Scanning a Remarqueble generated QR Code takes the customer instantly to the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

Example for Facebook, Inc. portfolio (you can scan this image with your mobile phone):


The codes are available to customers of Remarqueble’s TMarque search engine –

QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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